ReFirme (Radiofrequency & Light Therapy)

Latest update: April 11, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jennifer Trent MD, FAAD
How it works


ReFirme is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment suitable for patients with concerns about saggy skin under the eyes or neck and fine lines and wrinkles. It uses radiofrequency technology with infrared heat. The treatment penetrates the dermis to heat the tissue and encourage collagen production to tighten and firm up any sagging skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

ReFirme is particularly effective around the eyes and mouth. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones. Patients must observe some pre-treatment guidelines to ensure safety and achieve optimal results. Strict sun avoidance and sun protection are necessary.  Avoid using retinoids or acid-based skin care products a few weeks before the treatment. 

Patients will have to wear protective goggles during the procedure. The doctor will first apply a conducting gel to the targeted area. The device is glided over the area as the radiofrequency and light energy are emitted. It is not painful, and most feel a warm sensation. After the procedure, some swelling, redness, and blistering might be apparent. These will subside within a few hours, but bruising may last up to a week.

In post-treatment care, doctors recommend patients avoid sun exposure and apply an SPF30 daily. Cold compresses can alleviate swelling and bruising.  Patients should also avoid exposure to high temperatures, such as saunas or hot tubs for at least three days. 

Three to five treatments are recommended for optimal results and should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Results are gradual as more and more collagen is produced over time, delivering long-term anti-aging effects.

If patients wish to maintain their results, they can opt for maintenance treatments every six months. 
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ReFirme ST Applicator

In this promotional video for the ReFirme ST Applicator, the purpose of the device is explained. The video shows a patient receiving treatment while the principles of the technology are discussed. The narrator explains the circumstances that cause this treatment to become necessary and explains how the process works.

The Refirme Skin Treatment

This video, published by FOX New Mexico, covers a procedure that is being used to achieve a youthful, lifted appearance without surgery. Dr. Dean Bair, from Albuquerque, New Mexico explains how the treatment works. The video runs through the steps of the procedure. Dr. Bair describes the effects witnessed on patients that have had the treatment.