Our brand new initiative offers bespoke quotations for cosmetic procedures – directly between patient and provider.

For the very first time, BeautyTune allows patients to obtain individually tailored, fixed-price quotes from multiple cosmetic-medical professionals in a selected geographical area, simply by filling out a single, private questionnaire.

This revolution in access to life-changing beauty treatments represents the democratisation of aesthetics. Now there are more options available to all of us. Not just because science has developed and costs have come down, but because BeautyTune places the power back in your hands. That’s the beauty of it…

You are your own canvas. What you choose to create – to perfect and enhance – is your choice alone. Imagining and reaching your potential can be transformative. But sometimes it can seem a little out of reach, a little daunting. There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there and there can be steep charges for a consultation before you even know what the ballpark figures might be.

Not anymore. Imagine being able to easily and efficiently see what options are open to you and how much they would really cost without the hard sell – tailored just to you.

Every woman should be allowed to know and encouraged to find out what might be available to them. To be able to ‘shop around’. And to make that choice without pressure. Until now, that’s been difficult. Knowledge is, indeed, power. Delve into this helpful resource to discover what’s right for you and find out where you could undergo your treatment. Having this free resource at your fingertips will give you the confidence to explore your vision.

Sculpting a refined new you can mean anything from the tiniest of changes (a ‘tweakment’) right through to more dramatic transformations. It’s entirely up to you. We all change throughout our lives. We adorn ourselves for pleasure – changing our hair color, getting a tattoo, painting our nails, piercing wherever, wearing make-up. Living our fullest life means exercising uncompromised self-expression – allowing ourselves to be beautiful. That’s the beauty of it…

It’s not about correcting things but making them the best they can truly be. And being open to change is not only liberating but can make you feel great from the inside out.

‘You don’t just wake up and become a butterfly. Growth is a progress.’: - Rupi Kaur

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