How it Works

Step 1

Explore the site and browse the categories to find treatments you might be interested in.
Alternatively, you can search by keywords on the search page.

Step 2

Click on 'Request a quote' to request price quotes without sharing any of your personal details.

Step 3

Enter your first name or nickname and an email address. Your email address is not shared with anyone, not even with clinics. They will send their offer on the platform.

Step 4

Select a city for your treatment and add some more details if you want to.

Step 5

Upload a few pictures of the body part that needs to be treated.
Protect your privacy and ensure that you are not identifiable in the pictures.

Step 6

Answer a few simple questions essential for medical professionals to prepare a personalized price estimate or quote for you.

Step 7

Submit your request.

Step 8

Check your inbox (and spam folder) for the BeautyTune verification email.
  • Click on the first link to verify your email address
  • Click on the second link to setup your password.
What happens next?
Each time a doctor submits a personalized treatment plan,
you will receive an email notification.
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