For Aesthetic Clinics

Attracting new patients to your clinic is not always easy.

Many clinics spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month on Google and Facebook ads or pay for blog or social media content creation in the hope that these efforts and investments will pay off.

Do you find yourself paying these hefty bills or spending too much time with content creation?

If you are a medical professional from the US, EU or the UK who performs surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures or dental treatments, BeautyTune provides an opportunity to attract new patients... for free!

Our goal

We aim to create a transparent and safe platform for patients where they can easily find the licensed and board certified medical professionals who suit their needs the best. At the same time clinics can attract patients not just from their local area but from other states and countries as well.

There are American patients looking for more affordable dental or health care options in the EU while there are UK and EU residents who prefer to have their cosmetic surgery performed in the United States.


While on social media there is a constant pressure on businesses to create new content in the hope the content will be picked up by an algorithm, or their paid ads will be paying off,  the patient initiates the whole process on BeautyTune.

The prospect selects a treatment and a city; they fill out a medical questionnaire with the option of adding some files or photos to it.

Those local medical settings that provide the selected treatment will be notified. They have the opportunity to introduce themselves, message the patient and share their treatment plan with a price estimate.

If the patient is interested, they can contact the clinic either on BeautyTune or phone the clinic directly.

It is that simple.

Why is it free?

All great companies first focus on their customers and their needs before monetization. They make a positive impact on the industry and move our society forward; the appreciation always follows.

If patients do not need to spend hours with researching and reaching out to clinics - one by one - in order to find the provider they like and trust and medical processionals do not need to spend their valuable time on content creation instead of focusing on the profession they love and are trained for, we believe that everybody benefits. Both patients and aesthetic medical professionals deserve something better.

Be part of the solution and start your registration today.

Dedicated support lines for medical professionals

US toll-free number: +1 (866) 860-1415