For Clinics and Service Providers

Attracting new patients to your clinic can be challenging and expensive. Many clinics spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month on Google and Facebook ads or pay for blog or social media content creation in the hope of that these efforts and investments will pay off.

Do you find yourself facing the same struggle?

If you are a medical professional from the US, EU or the UK who performs surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures or dental treatments (a plastic surgeon, a dentist or a dermatologist), BeautyTune can give you a boost, attracting new patients with no upfront cost at all.

How do we do that?

BeautyTune is designed to democratise the cosmetic industry by creating price transparency and helping both clinics and patients to connect and transact in an efficient and straightforward way.

Why choose BeautyTune?


Your practice can advertise its medical services to potential clients without the hassle of content creation and without the high cost of digital advertising.


We will only introduce you to clients that have demonstrated specific interest in one of your medical services and who are willing to cover your fees based on the quote you have provided. We filter out time-wasters.

Website Content

While videos on YouTube are selected by YouTube’s algorithm, the content on BeautyTune is carefully curated by the medical professionals we work with. The goal of the website is to provide unbiased informative content for users from a wide variety of dependable sources. . If you are a content creator, we could also promote your content and LinkedIn profile for free.

Client Reviews

We understand the importance of patient feedback and how it can lift you up or damage your reputation . For this reason, and unlike Google reviews, Trustpilot and Yelp, only registered patients who have purchased your services via the site will be able to leave a review.

If the client intends to leave a less than favourable review, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to sort out the issue with the client before the review is published.

You can have peace of mind that your reputation and that of your brand is closely guarded.


Your payment for the services is securely deposited in a third-party escrow account before the patient’s procedure.


If the patient decides to cancel the treatment, the fees related to the already-completed services – such as previous appointments and performed pre-treatment tests – will be transferred to you regardless.

Data Security

The security of PHI (Personal Health Information) is our top priority.

Royale Medical Concierge Ltd is committed to following the European GDPR regulations. From the technical standpoint our web-application is designed to be HIPAA compliant. All communication is encrypted to ensure doctor/patient confidentiality.

While we do our best to ensure that the site offers a flawless experience for both patients and service providers, we know that there can always be room for improvement. We appreciate any feedback.

Dedicated support lines for medical professionals

US toll-free number: (+866) 860-1415

UK toll-free number: (+800) 644 0080