VelaSmooth, VelaShape (Radiofrequency, Light & Massage Therapy)

Latest update: July 14, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jennifer Trent MD, FAAD


VelaSmooth is a non-surgical treatment that targets cellulite. It targets stubborn fatty areas of the body that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. VelaSmooth can firm and tighten various body parts such as thighs, chin, arms, abdomen, and buttocks. 

It combines infrared and radiofrequency energy with a vacuum to help firm the skin, remove fat, and smooth out cellulite dimples.

The VelaSmooth device works with infrared light and radiofrequency to penetrate deep into the fat layer to gently heat the fat cells and destroy them, stimulate collagen production, and improve skin elasticity. The massage and vacuum rollers aid tissue mobilization. They help level out any textured or bumpy dimples resulting in a smooth finish. 

The VelaSmooth treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes with minimal to no pain. During the treatment, practitioners massage the VelaSmooth device over the targeted areas. The light and radiofrequency energy radiate deep into the skin. The vacuum roller helps circulate the heat over the tissues to soften them evenly. The treatment is described as a warm massage. Patients may experience minor bruising or redness after the session that will fade away. Other than that, the treatment requires no downtime or extended recovery period. Doctors recommend patients schedule two sessions every week. A total of 8 to 10 treatments are needed for optimal results.

Results will start to become noticeable after four sessions. Patients will need maintenance treatments for longer-lasting results.
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PWTV - Velasmooth Cellulite Treatment

This informational video on the effects of the VelaSmooth treatment talks us through the technology used by this device. It explains this treatment for cellulite. The video shows the device being used and illustrates the results using before and after pictures.

Imaage - VelaShape

In this video, Erica, an Aesthetician demonstrates using the VelaShape on the posterior thighs and butt of a patient to treat cellulite. She describes the feeling as being "like a massage" and has the patient confirm this. As she works, Erica explains what is being done and answers the patient's questions about results, recovery, and maintenance.