Latest update: April 19, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jordan Frey MD


SmartGraft is a handheld device used for follicular unit excision (FUE) during hair transplant procedures. During FUE, surgeons harvest hair follicles from a donor site on the body, usually the back of the head. They implant them into the affected thinning area. This method encourages hair growth in balding areas and receding hairlines.

SmartGraft is the latest FUE device used by surgeons. Unlike the traditional FUE technique, SmartGraft can suction the hair follicles faster than manual excision. It can also transfer the extracted graft into a temperature-controlled storage device. This ensures that the grafts are healthy and of good quality before the follicles are transplanted into the affected 

Unlike traditional hair transplant techniques, SmartGraft leaves minimal scarring, which is less noticeable. The surgeon controlling the procedure can also determine the incision depth to make it less invasive and increase the recovery speed.

Hair transplant using SmartGraft is suitable for patients with various types of hair loss, such as alopecia or genetic hair loss. The procedure results in natural and fuller-looking hair on the affected area. 

The treatment requires a single session that can be time-consuming, depending on the size of the affected area. On average, a hair transplant procedure with SmartGraft will take 5 hours.

First, the surgeon will inject a local anesthetic into the donor and transplant areas. SmartGraft can extract 1-4 follicles at a time before they are implanted into the thinning area. The recovery from a hair transplant is relatively easy and quick.

Results will take a while to appear, but patients can expect to see some growth after three months. A more noticeable increase will be visible at the 6-month mark. Final results will be apparent after 12-24 months. Possible side effects include infection, pain, bleeding, itching, 
swelling, redness, and scarring.
Operation Time
Inpatient Period
Number of Appointments
Recovery Period
1-2 days

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