Latest update: April 19, 2024
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NeoGraft is an automated device that assists hair transplant surgery by extracting hair follicles. A traditional FUE procedure requires manual extraction of each strand by the surgeon. NeoGraft can harvest follicles faster but may not be as accurate and precise as the conventional method.

This minimally invasive option can transplant follicles without leaving any noticeable scarring. It is suitable for all hair types and usually extracts small grafts from the back of the scalp without surgically removing a large strip of skin. An experienced surgeon or technician should use the device as the results largely depend on their expertise and skill. 

Before the procedure, patients need to shave the donor site. Surgeons will administer a local anesthetic to this area before extraction. The harvesting process will take 2-4 hours to complete. The surgeon controlling the device will select hairs that grow at the same angle as the patient's new customized hairline. Once harvesting is complete, surgeons numb the donor transplant area. They create tiny incisions in which to insert the extracted follicles.  

Patients may feel dull pressure, but there should be no pain.

After the process, the surgeon will cover the area with surgical gauze and bandages. The procedure may take 4-6 hours to complete. 

Patients may experience some discomfort following the procedure. The NeoGraft device  generally helps the area heal much quicker than usual. Patients will notice scabs forming on the transplanted site, but they should not pick at them as they will gradually fall off on their own over time.

Patients need to refrain from washing their scalp for at least 24 hours. They also should avoid strenuous activity for the next two weeks. Patients can return to work 1-2 days after their procedure. Side effects include bleeding, infection, redness, swelling, bruising, and scarring.

The full results will begin to be noticeable at the nine-to-twelve-month mark with minimal scarring.
Operation Time
Inpatient Period
Number of Appointments
Recovery Period
2-3 days

NeoGraft hair transplant procedure - animation

This medical animation shows how the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure is performed. The video compares this technique with traditional strip harvesting. It highlights the advantage of using NeoGraft as it keeps the scalp intact. The procedure is detailed with the animation showing how it works.

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