Lash Lift

Latest update: February 26, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jennifer Trent MD, FAAD


A lash lift, sometimes known as a lash perm, is a treatment performed by a licensed esthetician that creates voluminous lashes and defines the lash curl from the root. The result is a brighter-looking eye, with the illusion of longer and fuller lashes without the need for extensions. Some clients may also opt for an add-on lash tint after the lash lift to help create darker lashes for a mascara effect.

Lash lifts only treat the top lash line with a semi-permanent chemical perming solution. These solutions usually contain keratin, collagen, and other ingredients safe for the eye area. A specific type of lash lift is the Keratin Lift. It only uses keratin in its solution, while a regular lash perm uses an alkaline solution. Keratin is known to be less damaging than other solutions to promote healthier lashes.

A typical lash lift session will take about an hour to complete. Patients need to remove their contact lenses before the session. The aesthetician will first clean the eyelids and lashes to ensure no makeup or oil residue is left on the eye area. They glue the lashes onto a silicone mold, which creates the curl of the lashes. Patients can choose the size of their mold. Depending on the client's desired look, the molds can make a dramatic or a natural-looking curl. Once the lashes are glued onto the mold, the aesthetician will apply the perming solution to the lashes. This solution can break up the bonds in the hair to reshape the lashes. The liquid will sit for about 12 minutes before the application of another mixture to neutralize  and stop the reshaping process. The practitioners remove the silicone mold and apply a lash-strengthening serum. If the client wishes to tint their lashes, this process will be the last step and take 10 minutes to complete.

Clients must avoid getting their lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the treatment. They also need to refrain from wearing mascara or eye makeup. The lash lift results will last 8-10 weeks and can be redone after 8-12 weeks but not sooner than eight weeks. Some risks that could come with a lash lift are skin irritation, swelling, redness, damaged hair, retinal burns, infections, blindness, and hair loss. Lash treatments may not be right for everyone, so check with your doctor first.
Operation Time
Every 8-12 weeks
Inpatient Period
Number of Appointments
Every 8-12 weeks
Recovery Period

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