Double Eyelid Surgery

Latest update: February 27, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jordan Frey MD


Some patients with a single upper eyelid may desire a double lid crease. They may use special tape or glue to create an illusion of a double eyelid, but surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can give a long-term effect.

Many mono-eyelid individuals opt for surgery for cosmetic reasons, but some may need the surgery for medical issues. These can include asymmetrical eyelids, droopy eyelids or interference with vision.

The surgery has two techniques and can be performed with or without incision.

The incisional technique will require both general and local anesthetic. Surgeons make incisions along the eyelid, remove some fat and muscles, and close the site with sutures or surgical glue. Stitches are usually removed 4-5 days after. This technique is a good permanent option for patients with thicker skin.

The non-incisional procedure uses so-called buried sutures and requires general and local anesthetic. Surgeons mark the eyelid to the desired shape. They create tiny punctures along the markings and use sutures to create the crease. The sutures lie under the skin, out of sight, and will not need to be removed. This technique lasts for 1-4 years and is best for candidates that do not need any fat or muscle removal. 

The incisional technique has a longer recovery time. It can take several months to heal fully. Eyes will completely heal after the non-incisional method within two weeks.

Like every other procedure, double eyelid surgery also comes with some risks. These can include asymmetrical lids and affected vision. To avoid severe bruising, patients should refrain from strenuous activities for two weeks after the surgery. Some patients may also experience temporary poor blink, which will heal on its own after 12 weeks. If the procedure causes a droopy eyelid, re-correction surgery might be necessary.
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