Latest update: July 14, 2024
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Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment. It uses fine needles to transfer solutions into different layers of the skin. The procedure helps remove stubborn fat and improve the skin's overall appearance.

The solution in the syringes can contain a variety of ingredients. These can include plant extracts and amino acids. Practitioners can also use hyaluronic acid, hormones, enzymes, or prescription medication. When combined, these substances have anti-aging properties. They can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, firm up loose skin, fade cellulite, and dissolve extra fat pockets. Doctors can also create a cocktail for medical treatments such as chronic pain, bone disorder, psoriasis, and hair loss. 

Mesotherapy is a fat removal treatment that can permanently dissolve fat and contour the body. It is only suitable to target stubborn pockets of fat resistant to a healthy diet and lifestyle. The substances used for a body contouring mesotherapy treatment are lecithin and isoproterenol. These ingredients work together to break up fat cells and eliminate them from the body. Practitioners can inject the solution into the face, scalp, neck, chest, decolletage, and hands. The body contouring treatments usually require 3-15 sessions. An electronic injector administers the mesotherapy cocktail for an easy and painless procedure. 

Mesotherapy fat removal treatment is an alternative to Kybella or Aqualyx.

Besides removing excess fat, mesotherapy can help to rejuvenate the skin. A Mesolift uses hyaluronic acid to encourage collagen production and improve elasticity in the skin. It can also add volume to plump the skin and create an overall hydrated and radiant complexion. 

Patients need 4-6 Mesolift treatments with 2-4 week breaks between treatments for effective results. Swelling and bruising around the injection sites are common. These will settle within the next 1-2 days. The recovery time for treatments administered around the eyes will take a little longer.
Operation Time
Inpatient Period
Number of Appointments
Recovery Period
2-7 days

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