Magnetic Muscle Stimulation

Latest update: April 11, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jennifer Trent MD, FAAD
How it works


Magnetic muscle stimulation is a body contouring treatment that can contract muscles to create a toned and defined body.

CoolTone is one example of this non-invasive treatment targeting the thighs, butt, and abdomen. It can work the muscles and create a definition that exercising alone cannot.

The 30-minute session can contract the muscles 25,000 times. This high-intensity stimulation does not cause any discomfort or pain. It takes 4-6 weeks for noticeable results to show, much faster than any workout effects. Ideal candidates are near their goal weight but need extra help to create muscle definition. The treatment can also improve diastasis recti. This condition occurs mainly in women who have just given birth, causing their abdominal muscles to disconnect and create a bulge. Some patients who suffer from certain medical conditions may not be suitable candidates for CoolTone. It is essential to consult your doctor first.

Emsculpt is a competing body contouring device. It works similarly to CoolTone, but the latter has a 50% higher magnetic intensity. It helps burn fat while building muscle to contour the body.

Another electromagnetic muscle device is EMSlim. This treatment can burn fat while also defining muscles. The device is placed on the targeted area and creates 30,000 contractions in the muscle tissues. The contractions help to break down stubborn, localized fat deposits. 

It also helps to increase muscle tone and strength. Another option is truSculpt flex. This technology simulates 54,000 crunches within 45 minutes. The device includes a few modes to replicate various workouts and target different muscles.

Tesla Former can target the whole body from abs to calves by creating 50,000 contractions in just 30 minutes. The device comes with a special chair. Patients sit down, and four applicators will be attached to their bodies. The treatment can also improve sexual health by stimulating pelvic floor muscles.
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