Butt Implant Removal

Latest update: April 19, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jordan Frey MD


Butt implant removal helps patients who wish to remove their 
implants that are causing issues or are not satisfied with the shape and size. 
Problems can include infection, implant extrusion, asymmetry, capsular 
contracture, nerve compression and shifting. Infections may occur at the 
incision site. In such cases, surgeons need to remove the implant until the 
inflammation has healed and can reinsert it after.
An extrusion can happen if there is an infection, pressure on the 
implant or issues during healing. The implant should either be removed or repositioned 
under healthy tissues.
As there are several nerves around the buttock, the inserted 
implant may affect the nerves. This can lead to numbness in the legs. Surgeons must remove the implant if this occurs 
to avoid further complications.
Asymmetrical results could occur from pre-existing asymmetry or 
incorrect positioning. If it is very noticeable, the implants should be removed 
or adjusted accordingly.
Doctors need to reposition the implant using a surgical correction 
procedure if the implant shifts. Butt implant removal can alleviate these issues 
with minimal scarring.
A typical removal procedure has a shorter recovery period than the 
initial surgery. It requires general anesthetic and will take an hour to 
complete. The surgeon will first make an incision in the same area as the 
initial surgery to remove the implants. The incision is then closed with 
sutures. Surgeons may insert drains to avoid fluid build-up during recovery.
Some patients are concerned about what their buttocks may look 
like after the removal procedure. The results will depend on several factors. 
The implant size can determine the amount of sagging after removal. The skin 
and tissues may have stretched out more with a large implant, leaving saggy 
skin once removed. Depending on how long the implant has been in the body, the 
results will differ. Muscles and skin tend to stretch out with time. The skin's 
natural elasticity also matters. If the skin were lax before the implants, it 
would continue to sag once removed. The buttocks may look the same or not be the 
ideal shape once the implants have been removed. This can be solved with a butt 
lift or a fat transfer procedure to contour and reshape the butt. 
Operation Time
Inpatient Period
Number of Appointments
Recovery Period
5-7 days

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