Laser Liposuction

Latest update: April 19, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jordan Frey MD


Laser liposuction is also called as laser lipolysis. This treatment targets pockets of fat that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. The laser technology liquifies fat cells and a vacuum suction removes the fluids from the body through a cannula. Laser liposuction is less invasive and has a faster recovery time than traditional liposuction.

Laser lipolysis not only shrinks fat cells but also encourages collagen production. This helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin after liposuction.

The treatment can be used on patients with any skin tone. Commonly treated areas include the arms, thighs, love handles, stomach and chin. Many doctors use laser liposuction for patients who only need a minimal fat reduction instead of surgical removal.

A typical procedure takes an hour to complete. Surgeons often combine it with a tumescent solution that helps close blood vessels to prepare for the process. Patients will also receive local anesthetic. Surgeons make a tiny incision to insert the laser device that liquifies the fat. They then insert a thin cannula to suction out the fluids.

Common side effects after the procedure are swelling and bruising, which will subside over time. Doctors highly recommend that patients wear a compression garment to secure the area for a smoother recovery. Like many surgical procedures, laser liposuction comes with some risks. These can include dimples, temporary indentations or burns if the laser is placed too close to the skin surface.
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