Breast Lift

Latest update: April 19, 2024
Medically reviewed by: Jordan Frey MD


A breast lift is also known as a mastopexy. This surgical 
procedure can remove any excess skin to raise sagging breasts and give a firmer 
and rounder appearance.
The process only lifts the breasts. Patients would need breast augmentation surgery 
to increase their breast size.
A breast lift is usually performed on patients that suffer from 
skin laxity due to natural aging or significant weight loss. Women who have 
gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding may also opt for it. It is often 
completed alongside breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction or areola 
A breast lift procedure uses various incision techniques. These 
depend on the breast size and shape, the areola position and the severity of 
the sagging skin.
During a vertical lift, surgeons make an incision around the 
areola. They extend it downwards from the base of the areola to under the 
breast's crease. This helps to conceal the scar better.
The inverted T-lift results in an incision around the areola, down 
the front of the breast and then running underneath the breast. This technique 
is most suitable for larger breasts and more severe sagging.
The Periareolar Lift creates an incision on the outline of the 
areola to resize the areola and lift the breast.
The Crescent Lift creates a crescent-shaped incision around the 
areola. This method is best for minor sagging. 
The surgeon will first mark out the areas on the breast to 
indicate the position to which the breast will be lifted. They administer general 
anesthetic. The surgeon will 
make the incision based on your breast type. They will first reshape the breast 
and lift it before repositioning the areola to center it. After this, they 
remove excess skin and fat before closing it up with stitches. It is usual for 
patients to experience swelling and discomfort after surgery. Doctors recommend 
patients sleep on their back while keeping their chest propped up using 
pillows. This will aid in quicker recovery. The breasts are noticeably lifted 
almost immediately. It will take a maximum of 12 months for them to settle into 
their permanent position. 
Operation Time
Inpatient Period
0-1 day
Number of Appointments
Recovery Period
2-4 weeks

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Frequently Asked Questions

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